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Thomas L Gourde

Ray & Gourde, LLP

"Making The Law Work For You!"

111 Pacifica  Suite 120
Irvine , CA 92618
Phone: (949) 825-6525
Fax: (949) 825-6544

Office Hours: Office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm



Firm Size: Four attorneys
Firm Established: 2008

Firm Profile:
Mr. Gourde began his legal career at a large Los Angeles based law firm at which he became an experienced litigator. After years of handling complex legal matters, he accepted a position with an Orange County law firm to be its supervising corporate and litigation counsel. There, Mr. Gourde handled a large number of complicated cases and legal transactions and acted as general counsel for several businesses and professional clients. To continue a career dedicated to professionally and efficiently representing his business and personal clients at a reasonable rate, Mr. Gourde opened his own law office, wherein he provides the highest level of service to his clients.

His firm handles legal matters involving businesses, construction companies, homeowners, investors, professionals and individual clients with legal and estate planning needs. Mr. Gourde has even represented several other attorneys with their legal issues and claims. While these areas of practice require a sophisticated and comprehensive understanding of several areas of law, Mr. Gourde is very conscientious about the cost of legal services and the needs of his clients for efficient and cost-effective representation. He seeks to provide premier reprsentation and advice at a fair rate.


Thomas  L  Gourde  (Partner)

Hourly Rate: $350
Date Joined Firm:  1/1/2008

Unique Qualification:
Mr. Gourde has significant experience assisting clients with business formation and operation matters. This includes the organization and representation of numerous limited liability companies, corporations and other business entities. He is also an experienced litigator, is an ABOTA trial school graduate and has arbitrated, mediated and tried numerous cases involving employment, malpractice and business issues. He has obtained very favorable results for his clients and is frequently consulted by individual clients, businesses and insurance companies on how to avoid litigation and address legal issues.

Mr. Gourde has published articles on matters involving litigation and business claims and has conducted legal seminars. He also recently administered a large trust and is experienced with trust and estate planning. Additionally, Mr. Gourde serves on the Development Committee of his son's school, is a fraternal organization officer, is a member of the Rotary Club and is involved in charity. He also recently served in multiple positions as a leader of a YMCA youth group and has been on the Board of his Homeowners Association. Finally, he is a member of the Orange County Bar Association and served on the Board of SOS Nigeria, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) charity, for which Mr. Gourde handled all of application paperwork.

Federal Admission: Yes

State Bar Admission: CA 1990

Education: J.D. , University of Utah, 1990

Practice Areas: Business/Commercial Law, Construction Litigation, Contract Law, Discrimination/Employment, Employee Benefits/Labor Law, Insurance Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Sexual Harassment/Abuse, Wills/Trusts/Probate

Brief Biography:
Mr. Gourde was born in November 1962 in Salt Lake City, Utah following the transfer of his family from California to Utah. He is from a family of 11 children. He graduated as an honors student from Judge Memorial Catholic High School in 1981 and then entered the University of Utah. While an undergraduate, he travelled to Australia through a University of California research program, interned with the Utah State Legislature and the National Science Foundation in Washington D.C. and studied in France for one semester. He received an award for his work as an intern in Washington D.C. He graduated cum laude in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Mr. Gourde entered law school at the University in the Fall of 1987 and was named to the Dean's list in 1988. He served as an editor to one of the school's journals and was selected to serve on the Journal's Board during his third year of school. In 1990, before passing the Bar exam on the first attempt, he accepted a position with a large Los Angeles firm and relocated to Los Angeles. He thereafter gained significant expertise as a litigator and in business law at two large, well established firms. Mr. Gourde now resides in North Tustin with his wife and two children and is actively involved in the community. His community involvement includes various coaching positions for his childrens' sports teams, being a leader with a YMCA youth group and organizing his childrens' school charity booth.

Also, for several years, Mr. Gourde has organized and managed team booths for the Tustin Chili Cook-off, the largest such cook-off in the Western United States, and won first prize in the People's Choice category for 2013.

Secondary Languages: French

 Notable Cases:
Prominent Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Obtains Dismissal Against Former Renowned Client During Lawsuit
Area of Law: Civil Law

Case Date: 01/01/2011

State Filed: California

Settlement: Dismissal of Action

In this case, Mr. Gourde defended a prominent Florida criminal defense attorney and his firm against a fraud claim. The Florida attorney was retained in California by a criminal suspect who was the subject of the largest seizure of a private weapons' cache and collection in U.S. history. Although Mr. Gourde's client obtained a favorable result for his criminal Defendant client, the client later claimed he was misled about his defense. After months of intense Court maneuvering, which involved numerous motions, Court hearings and Court ordered sanctions against the opposing attorney, Mr. Gourde was able to obtain the complete dismissal of his clients.
Buyers sue Luxury Resort Developer for breach of contract
Area of Law: Real Estate

Case Date: 01/01/2009

State Filed: California

Settlement: Client Won

Mr. Gourde represented several wealthy Japanese investors in cases against the developer of the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, California. The investors sued when the project completion was delayed and the Defendant developers would not return the buyers' deposits. The cases involved complex litigation and intense negotiations through which Mr. Gourde was able to obtain settlements for his clients worth millions of dollars in credits for the purchase of new resort units.
Attorney Obtained Favorable Result in Property Dispute Between Neighbors
Area of Law: Civil Law

Case Date: 01/01/2008

State Filed: California

Settlement: Favorable Result

In this case, two neighbors shared a common driveway, came embroiled in a dispute about the driveway and issues related to their property line. The case proceeded through trial and an appeal, and through the process, Mr. Gourde was able to obtain a ruling from the Court that the neighbors to his clients could only use the driveway to go in and out of the garage and could not park on it or allow others to park on it.
Sale of Patented Formula Breach of Contract
Area of Law: Contract Law

Case Date: 01/01/2010

State Filed: California

Settlement: Substantial Judgement against defendants

In this case, Mr. Gourde represented a client who had agreed to transfer shares in her Company and sell a patented cleaning formula to two Defendants. However, Defendants breached the purchase agreement and the client sued the Defendants for breach of contract and fraud, among other claims. Mr. Gourde was able to obtain a substantial judgment against the Defendants for breach of contract and fraud.
Defense of Attorney Issuing 144 Opinion Letters with inadequate informaton
Area of Law: Civil Law

Case Date: 01/01/2009

State Filed: California

Settlement: Favorable Result Without a Loss of her License

Mr. Gourde represented an attorney of a firm that provided 144 Opinion letters (confirming restricted company stocks were transferrable) to stock transfer agents, but was alleged to have relied on inadequate information when issuing the letters. Mr. Gourde was able to negotiate a favorable result for his client with the SEC and no restrictions on her law license.
Buyers Win Award after Cigar Shop Seller Backs out at Last Minute
Area of Law: Contract Law

Case Date: 05/17/2007

State Filed: California

Settlement: Yes

In this case, Mr. Gourde represented buyers of a cigar shop in Orange County who were denied the purchase when the sellers backed-out of the sale at the last minute. The buyers sued for breach of contract, fraud and other claims, and obtained a substantial verdict against the sellers for their breach of contract damages, lost profits and for punitive damages.
Disgruntled patient claiming mistreatment, battery and Unfair Business Practices Unsucessful
Area of Law: Medical Malpractice

Case Date: 01/01/2004

State Filed: California

Settlement: Client Won

In this case, Mr. Gourde obtained a winning verdict for the doctor at trial on dental malpractice, battery and Unfair Business Practice Act claims. The doctor had provided the suing patient extensive restorative care, but she became dissatisfied. The disgruntled patient sought significant recovery, but was unsuccessful due to Mr. Gourde's trial strategy.
Plaintiff Drops Suit against Doctor for Significant Loss of Earnings for Mistreatment
Area of Law: Medical Malpractice

Case Date: 01/01/2003

State Filed: California

Settlement: Dismissed

In this case, a patient undergoing extensive dental and cosmetic care claimed significant loss of earnings due to improper treatment. She alleged her pain from treatment kept her from working for many months. However, she dismissed her case after Mr. Gourde took her deposition and was able to get her to admit contradictions in her claims.
Substantial Award against Prominent Surgeon
Area of Law: Medical Malpractice

Case Date: 01/01/2006

State Filed: California

Settlement: Client Won

Settlement Amount: 300,000

In this case, Mr. Gourde represented Plaintiff in an action against Dr. Jan Adams, the plastic surgeon who performed cosmetic surgery on the mother of musician Kanye West just before her death and who had a show on the Discovery channel. Mr. Gourde obtained a judgment of over $300,000.00 against Dr. Adams for mistreatment of his client.
Orthodontic Patient Defeated at Trial Against Doctor for Malpractice
Area of Law: Medical Malpractice

Case Date: 01/01/2002

State Filed: California

Settlement: Dismissed

In this case, Mr. Gourde's client was being sued for improper orthodontic treatment. The patient claimed his teeth did not appear perfect. After lengthy Court proceedings, Mr. Gourde obtained a dismissal from the Court because the patient's numerous trial witnesses failed to support his case or retreated on cross-examination.
Patient Claiming Deafness and Significant Injury Defeated in Arbitration
Area of Law: Mediation

Case Date: 01/01/2000

State Filed: California

Settlement: Client Won

In this case, Mr. Gourde obtained a winning award at binding arbitration against his client's former patient, who claimed deafness and significant injury due to her treatment. The allege significant injury claim was undermined by Mr. Gourde’s case presentation and the arbitrator found in favor of Mr. Gourde's client.

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